Check your Jury Duty status or Postpone your jury service date

The Court offers three convenient automated options to check your Jury Duty Status or postpone your jury service date for up to 90 days. Note: For on-line postponements, you must access your online jury status prior to entering a postponement date.
In order to access our Automated Juror System you must have your Summons in front of you as you will be required to enter your Badge and PIN Number:

Interactive Web Response
View Sample Jury Summons

1. Enter your 9 digit Badge number:

2. Enter your PIN number:

3. Click Go:

4. For Additional Information

Para informacion en espanol
Telephone Automated Interactive Voice Response
For automated telephone information, please call.
Salinas:831 775-5480
Marina:831 883-5380
Monterey:831 647-5880
King City:831 386-5280

Contact the Superior Court Jury Service office

Question: What do I do if I do not have my juror badge/ID number or PIN?

Answer: Please click here
Superior Court Jury Services Office for telephone information and office hours. A Jury Clerk will be able to assist you and provide you with your specific reporting information.