Court Forms

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Local Court Forms

FormDate RevisedDescription
CI-105 July 2017Probate Request for Continuance
CI-106 February 2019Probate Petition to Terminate No Asset Estate
CI-107 February 2019Probate Order Terminating No Asset Estate
CI-115 July 2013Request For Record Search and Copies
CI-116 July 2013Request For Court File
CI-118 September 2013Application for an Order for Publication of Summons or Citation
CI-119 September 2013Order for Publication of Summons or Citation
CI-120 September 2013At-Issue Memorandum, Certificate of Readiness
CI-121 September 2013Declaration in Support and Order for Warrant of Attachment
CI-122 September 2013Warrant of Attachment
CI-123 September 2013Request for Referral to Court Investigator - Confidential
CI-124 September 2013Petition to Examine Confidential or Sealed Records
CI-125 September 2013Order on Petition to Examine Confidential or Sealed Records
CI-126 July 2017Financial Documents Caption Sheet
CI-127 September 2013Alternative Dispute Resolution Packet
CI-128 September 2013Request to Vacate or Continue Initial Case Management Conference and Order
CI-129 September 2013Declaration of Due Diligence
CI-130 September 2013Confidential Declaration Regarding Household Members
CI-132 January 2014Declaration of Judgment Debtor Regarding Satisfaction of Judgment (Small Claims)
CI-133 April 2014Request to Set Hearing
CI-134 July 2018Conservator Viewing Receipt
CI-135 July 2015Notice Of Status Conference
CI-136 January 2016Status Conference Questionnaire
CI-137 July 2015Legal Steps for Filing a Parentage Case
CI-137S May 2016Pasos Legales en Un Caso Para Establecer La Relación de Paternidad
CI-138 July 2015List of Local Resources
CI-139 May 2018Request To Appear By Telephone
CI-140 December 2018CLETS Name Change Info
CI-141 April 2017Citation for Freedom from Parental Custody and Control
CI-142 July 2017Family Law Application and Order to Continue
CI-143 October 2017Notice of Appeal - Civil Citation
CR-109 July 2011Request for Record Search and Copies
CR-113 December 2014Petition For Recalling of Sentence and Resentencing
CR-114 December 2014District Attorny's Response
CR-115 December 2014Order Pursuant To Penal Code 1170.18
CR-180 January 20171203.4 Petition for Dismissal - Additional instrctions are provided on the criminal records page, and in the Instruction Packets section see below
CR-181 January 20151203.4 Order for Dismissal
GEN-116 April 2014Request for Court File
GEN-117 April 2014Request for Electronic Recordings
MCR-4 April 2010Application for Modification of Sentence/Probation
SCR-203 January 2011Request for Transcripts
TR-100 October 2018Advisal/Waiver of Constitutional Rights for Plea By Mail
TR-182 January 2018Application To Reduce The Traffic Court Fine/Civil Assessment

Local Court Packets

FormDate RevisedDescription
Declaration of Disclosure January 2014To comply mandatory financial disclosure requirements in a divorce case
Divorce With Children Under 18 Years Old January 2014To start divorce (with children from marriage under 18)
Divorce Without Children Under 18 Years Old January 2014To start divorce (no children in marriage)
Establishing Parental Relationship January 2014To establish parental relationship and custody/visitation orders when parents not married to one another
Peticion Para Establecer Relacion De Parentesco January 2014Para establecer la relación paternal de hijos menores y ordenes de custodia/visitación cuando los padres no están casados
Guardianship January 2014To establish custody orders by non-parents (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc...)
Income And Expense Declaration January 2014Required statement of monthly income and expenses, if a party has requested child support, spousal support, attorney's fees, or other financial order
Judgment: Default Divorce January 2014To finalize divorce when no response is filed
Judgment: Uncontested Divorce January 2014To finalize divorce when response if filed but parties agree on final terms
Notice Of Motion And Motion For Simplified Modification Of Order January 2014To modify child support when there has been a change in income or time with child
Default Judgment To Establish Parental Relationship January 2014To finalize parental relationship case when no response is filed
Request For Order January 2014To request a court hearing to obtain orders for child custody/visitation; child support; spousal support; other orders pending final disposition of your family law case
Request To Waive Court Fees January 2014Request To Waive Court Fees
Domestic Violence Restraining Order With Minor Children January 2014To request orders restraining conduct of another party (spouse, former spouse, past or present cohabitant, party with whom you have child, your child, your parent, your grandparents, your sibling): includes request for custody and visitation orders
Domestic Violence Restraining Order Without Minor Children January 2014To request orders restraining conduct of another party (spouse, former spouse, past or present cohabitant, party with whom you have child, your child, your parent, your grandparents, your sibling)
Petition For Dismissal July 2015Petition for Relief per Penal Code Section 1203.4 or 1203.4a
Certificate of Rehabilitation Packet July 2016Certificate of Rehabilitation Packet

Judicial Council Forms

FormDate RevisedDescription
TR-300 January 2017Online Agreement to Pay and Forfeit Bail Installments