Juvenile Truancy

The Truancy Court targets chronically truant youth, with the goal of eliminating their school truancies and absences, reducing their risk of criminal juvenile justice, and increasing their chances of future academic success. The District Attorney (DA) Truancy Abatement Unit works closely with schools and families to bring about compliance with mandatory school attendance laws. Parents and students are expected to do their part in cooperating to resolve issues related to truancy. In most cases, a successful outcome will be demonstrated by voluntary compliance with the compulsory school attendance laws. However, in cases that do not result in satisfactory school attendance, criminal charges are filed against the minor and/or the minor's parents or guardians. At all times, the goal is to ensure that all students receive the education they so greatly need to develop into responsible, productive adults. If you have any questions regarding the DA Truancy Abatement Program, please contact the Distric Attorney's Office.

Truancy Process