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Judicial Council Allocations To Trial Courts For Fiscal Year 2015-2016

At its July 28, 2015 meeting, the Judicial Council made 2015–2016 Trial Court Trust Fund (TCTF) and General Fund allocations to trial courts. Attachment A provides a summary of each court’s base and one-time allocations for 2015–2016, and Attachments B through E provide details. To assist courts in budgeting the allocations for the Schedule 1, Attachment F displays allocations by their associated General Ledger account.

The Trial Court Budget Advisory Committee’s report to the council provides helpful discussion and detail behind the allocations. The following is the link to the report on the California Courts website: . (Note: the report does not reflect all council actions as one allocation, the $13.3 million 2013-14 Benefits Subsidy Reduction Return Allocation, was made on June 26, 2015).

In addition, please note the following:
  • An additional $13.45 million in Proposition 47 workload funding will be distributed in January 2016 based on each court’s share of statewide petitions for resentencing and reclassification from June 1, 2015 to November 30, 2015.
  • Any unallocated portion of the 2% reserve, $37.7 million this year, will be distributed back to courts – 75% of any unallocated portion by January 2016 and the remainder by March 2016.
  • The WAFM allocation of $67.9 million reflects the council’s June 26, 2015 action to reduce by $22.7 million, the amount of ongoing shortfall in TCTF fine and fee revenue that has not been backfilled from the state General Fund, from the $90.6 million provided by the Budget Act of 2015.
  • The council allocated $13.3 million one-time of the partially returned Department of Finance (DOF) funding reductions for estimated 2013–2014 employer subsidies of employee retirement contributions. In 2016–2017, courts that continue to provide employer-paid share of the employee retirement contribution will have their funding reduced by their portion of any unrestored funding and redistributed to those courts that do not.
Judicial Council Allocations To Trial Courts For Fiscal Year 2015-2016


Telephone service hours are temporarily reduced to 8:30 am to 12:00 pm Monday through Friday in the Court’s Monterey Division (Family Law, Child Support, Self-Help Center, Civil and Probate). This temporary measure will facilitate the Court’s implementation of a new case management system projected to launch in the Fall of 2015 while simultaneously ensuring an ongoing focus on case processing timelines. The Court appreciates your understanding during this temporary reduction in phone service hours.

2014 Bail Schedule Amendment, Effective February 4, 2015

Effective Wednesday, February 4, 2015, pursuant to the authority of Section VIII of the 2014 Bail Schedule, the 2014 Bail Schedule is amended to include the interim changes and additions set out on the attached. The Bail Schedule as amended can be accessed on the Court’s website at .

Track Changes Reflected, 2014 Bail Schedule – Interim Corrections and Modifications by Presiding Judge – Updated February 2015


The Monterey County Superior Court is pleased to announce the launch of the Virtual Self-Help Law Center (SHLC) on the Court's public website, which is available in both English and Spanish. The website is a user friendly tool aimed at effectively guiding self-represented litigants through the legal process in Family Law, Domestic Violence, Eviction, Small Claims and Traffic Court cases. The SHLC uses short educational videos, fillable forms, instructions, and links to other resources to assist users in navigating the legal system on their own.

The SHLC is available on the Court's website in English and Spanish at:

Click here for the informational flyer

Click here for the press release


Alert Historical Records covering years of 1850 – 1960 available at the Monterey County Historical Society

The Monterey County Historical Society has agreed to archive, preserve and maintain historical records covering the years of 1850 – 1960 for the Monterey County Superior Court. This Agreement provides that the Monterey County Historical Society will store these records in a facility that meets the standards and requirements of applicable governing statues, rules of court and regulations.

Non-confidential historical records covering the years of 1850 – 1960 are available to all members of the public during normal business hours at the Monterey County Historical Society. Duplication of records are permitted at cost. For business hours and more information, please visit the Monterey County Historical Society’s website

Click here to view list of records stored at the MCHS.

The Monterey County Historical Society contact information:
Monterey County Historical Society
333 Boronda Road
Salinas, CA 93907

Juror Warrant Telephone Scam

Several Monterey County residents have recently reported receiving a phone call from an individual claiming to be a law enforcement officer asking for payment to clear up a warrant that had been issued because the resident did not appear for jury service. These calls are fraudulent and have no connection to the Monterey County Superior Court. Anyone receiving a phone call from someone demanding payment for an outstanding warrant should report it immediately as a crime to their local law enforcement agency.

Also, please note that Superior Court Jury Services personnel do not ask past, current, or prospective jurors for information regarding credit card numbers, bank account information, or Social Security numbers. Please do not provide this type of information to anyone claiming to be associated with Jury Services.

Click here for a link to the Court�s press release

Similar scams have been also reported throughout California and other Courts. An informational video provided by the US Courts in linked here:

Additionally, the FBI posted a notice to the public in regard to juror scams on their website here:

Important Information on Jury Scams

To view important
information on jury scams
Click Here

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