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Fee for Court Reporting Services Under One Hour in Duration

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Civil lawsuits can generally be divided into three categories depending on how much money is involved.

When the dollar amount is... This case is usually called a...
Under $10,000 Small Claims case
Between $1 and $25,000 Limited jurisdiction civil case
Over $25,000 Unlimited jurisdiction civil case

Civil Records
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Complex Litigation

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Discovery Facilitation

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Fees are required to be paid in conjunction with any of the above listed filings. You may ask the court to waive the filing fee if your household income falls below certain guidelines. To apply for a Fee Waiver you must complete and file a Fee Waiver Form . A current schedule of fees can be viewed at the following link: Fee Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions for Attorneys and Parties regarding Nonrefundable Jury Fee .

Our Court does not currently offer Tentative Rulings.

Forms typically used in this department can be found and printed at the California Judicial Council website, and our local court Forms. They are also available for purchase at any of our court locations.

What you can do to prepare for your court hearing:
  • Read your court papers. Understand what each form asks and what the other party has written.
  • Make an outline listing what you want and why. Be ready to explain why the judge should approve each thing you are asking for, or not approve what the other party has asked for.
  • Make notes that summarize your point of view. Know what your answer is to each point that the other party has made in their court papers.
  • Arrive at least thirty minutes before your scheduled court hearing.
  • If you get nervous in court, look at your outline.
  • If you are asking for court orders, make sure that the judge makes an order on EACH item you have asked for. If something has been overlooked, tell the judge.

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