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Criminal FAQ

Criminal Court FAQ

Click this link to see if you are required to appear for a hearing.

The Salinas Courthouse is open to the public. Calendars are being heard in all criminal departments. Appearances are being held in person and via remote video.

You should come to court on the scheduled date and time, unless your attorney or the court has notified you of a new date. Search your name or case number here. You may click on the link below to see the court's calendars for this week. Please check back as your court date approaches for any updates to the calendars

If you have failed to appear for court and/or have a warrant you can request to be placed on calendar for your case in person at Superior Court Clerk's Office in Salinas.

Some jury trials have been continued to a new date. However, if you have not waived time, your trial will be given priority. If you have a defense attorney, contact your attorney to confirm the current date or to find out the new date. You will receive a notice in the mail, and can also check the court website, or download the court app.

If you would like to have the court consider modifying a criminal protective order you may contact your attorney or the Victim Assistance program with the District Attorney's office at (831) 755-5070.

Yes, the Superior Court Clerk's office in Salinas is open from 8:00am - 4:00pm.

The court will not hear any requests to modify criminal protective orders while the Shelter in Place Order is in effect.

Please submit form MCR-4 to the Superior Court Clerk's office, the form can be found here.

Continue to check the court's public website, here. Also you may wish to contact the District Attorney's office at (831) 755-5070.

Contact the District Attorney's Office for victim's assistance.

Call the Clerk's Office as soon as possible.

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