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Grand Jury Contact Information


Monterey County Civil Grand Jury
P.O. Box 414,
Salinas, CA 93902


Members of the Civil Grand Jury may not be contacted directly by phone. You may contact the jury liaison's office for answers to general questions, confirmation of appointments or site visits and other related items.

You may contact the jury liaison's office and leave a message for the jury's discretionary response. Please also note that complaints are not accepted by phone. Complaints left on the Civil Grand Jury's voicemail will not be responded to. All complaints must be submitted in writing. Please see the Submit Citizen Complaints page for additional details.

The Civil Grand Jury is an independent investigative body and the jury liaison is not privy to confidential information related to the Civil Grand Jury's activities, inquiries and investigations. The jury liaison is unable to respond to or confirm details related to these activities

Jury Liaison's Office - Phone: (831) 755-5045

In Person

The Civil Grand Jury does not have a receiving office available to the public. Meetings with the Civil Grand Jury are set at their invitation and by appointment only. If you are unable to mail documents, a package or other items responsive to a Civil Grand Jury request, please contact the jury liaison's office to arrange the details, an appointment for delivery and location for delivery. All correspondence and documents for the Civil Grand Jury should be secured in a sealed confidential envelope or package.

Jury Liaison's Office - Phone: (831) 755-5045

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