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Traffic School

Traffic School

TRAFFIC SCHOOL NOTICE: If you are eligible and decide not to attend traffic school your automobile insurance may be adversely affected. You are not eligible for Traffic School if you attended Traffic School within the last 18 months. One conviction in any 18-month period will be held confidential and not show on your driving record if you complete a traffic violator school program.

Eligibility to attend Traffic School

You cannot attend traffic school unless approved by the Court.

Pursuant to California Rule of Court 4.104, a court clerk is not authorized to grant a request to attend traffic school for a misdemeanor or any of the following violations:
  • A. A violation that carries a negligent operator point count of more than one point under Vehicle Code 12810 or one and one-half points or more under Vehicle Code 12810.5(b)(2);
  • B. A violation that occurs within 18 months after the date of a previous violation and the defendant either attended or elected to attend a traffic violator school for the previous violation ( Vehicle Code 1808.7);
  • C. A violation of Vehicle Code section 22406.5 (tank vehicles);
  • D. A violation related to alcohol use or possession or drug use or possession;
  • E. A violation which the defendant failed to appear under Vehicle Code 40508(a) unless the failure to appear charge has been adjudicated and any fine imposed has been paid;
  • F. A violation which the defendant has failed to appear under Penal Code 1214.1 unless the civil monetary assessment has been paid;
  • G. A speeding violation in which the speed alleged is more than 25 miles over a speed limit as set stated in Chapter 7(commencing with 22348) of Division 11 of the Vehicle Code;
  • H. A violation that occurs in a commercial vehicle as defined in Vehicle Code 15210(b); and
If you wish to attend traffic school, it is your responsibility to determine if you are eligible based upon the criteria listed above.
  • Upon receipt of your request to attend traffic school and the required bail amount and non-refundable processing fee, the Court will confirm your eligibility.
  • If you qualify, you will be mailed a traffic school referral with the completion due date and a list of traffic school providers.
  • If you do not qualify, the Court will not issue you a traffic school referral, the bail and processing fee will be applied to your case and you will be notified by mail that your case is closed.

Certificate of Completion

If you are eligible and upon attendance of the class, you must file the original certificate of completion with the Court by the due date assigned by the Court. If you attend an on-line traffic safety school, the certificate will be delivered electronically to the Court. For information on the status of your completion certificate, go to

If you reside outside of California and have an out of state license, the traffic school option will not appear on the courtesy notice. Upon receipt of the signed options page included in your courtesy notice, the bail, the court traffic school fee and a copy of your valid driver's license by the due date on your citation, the Court will mail you a traffic school referral with a completion due date for traffic school.

If the alleged citation has correctable violations, you must file the proof of correction with the court along with your request for traffic school and appropriate bail and fees.


You may be required to pay an additional fee to the Traffic School program. No extensions will be given for the Traffic School completion due date that will be listed on the traffic school referral.

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