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How To Request An Interpreter

Requesting an Interpreter

Parties and counsel are required to provide notice to the Court of any need for interpreting in order to assure that these services may be arranged by the Court in a timely manner. To notify the court of a need for an interpreter, please complete the Interpreter Request form and submit it to any clerk at the public counter or via email to the Interpreter Coordinator

Request document review

The clerk will review the document for accuracy and return a received stamped copy back to the requester. The Interpreter Coordinator will make every effort to contact and schedule an interpreter for the language requested. Please make your request for an interpreter no later than 15-20 days before your scheduled hearing as some languages are in great demand and securing a certified and or registered interpreter on short notice can be difficult. If you submit your request on the day of your hearing, your matter may be continued to a later date to allow time for an interpreter to be contacted and scheduled.

Request for an additional Spanish interpreter

The division provides interpreters for the courts, free of charge, in all mandated cases. To request an additional Spanish interpreter for an upcoming hearing, a minimum of 72 hour notice is needed for Spanish; and 15 - 10 days for languages other than Spanish, including American Sign Language.

Certified, non-certified, and non-registered Interpreter

The Court will seek to provide a state certified or state registered interpreter; however, due to a shortage of certified and or registered interpreters statewide, the court may provide a provisionally qualified interpreter (non-certified, non-registered). If no interpreter is available at the time of your hearing, your case may be continued.

Cancellation of the interpreter request

If the hearing date or service for which an interpreter has been requested is cancelled or postponed, please cancel the interpreter request with the Courtroom Clerk or Interpreter Coordinator at the above email address, no less than 24 hours in advance of your hearing date.

Interpreter's availability

A Spanish interpreter is regularly present in the courtroom and other designated courtrooms, as needed. If another language is needed inform the Judge at the time of your court hearing if not scheduled in advance and state the name of the language you speak. If you have questions on how to request an interpreter you may call (831) 775-5400 x 3800.

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