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Juvenile Truancy

The goals of Truancy Court are to eliminate truancy/unexcused absences, increase the youth's chances of achieving academic success, and to reduce the risk of involvement in the juvenile justice system.

The District Attorney's Truancy Abatement Program (TAP) works closely with schools and families to bring about compliance with mandatory school attendance laws. Parents and students are expected to do their part in partnership with schools to resolve issues related to truancy. In cases that do not result in voluntary compliance with the compulsory school attendance laws, the District Attorney's Office may file criminal charges against the youth and/or the youth's parents or guardians.

At all times, the goal is to ensure that all students receive the education they so greatly need to develop into responsible, productive adults. Any questions regarding the District Attorney's Truancy Abatement Program should be directed to the District Attorney's Office.

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