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Terms Of Use

Terms of Use

Individual Agency Employee Responsibilities

  1. The Individual Agency Employee will comply with all of the provisions included in the Justice Partner Website Application. (For access to the Justice Partner Website Application, contact your Agency Security Administrator).
  2. Access to the Case Information shall be limited to the extent needed to perform the duties within your agencies.
  3. The Agency Employee will not sell, assign or transfer any Court information.
  4. The Agency Employee agrees to comply with audits or inspections by Court-authorized employees at the Agency premises during regular business hours, provided at least one (1) business day's prior notice, for the purposes of determining compliance.
  5. All Agency Employee with access to Justice Partner Website will adhere to the following procedures to protect data, documentation and other information provided by the Court in accordance with California Penal Code Section 13125 or Section 13151.
    1. The Employee agrees to maintain security for all data, documentation and other information provided by the Court.
    2. Authorized Agency personnel will shred printed documents containing Court information after its legitimate use has ended.
    3. Agency workstations with Court access will be located in secured areas, accessible to authorized Agency personnel only.
    4. Court information will NOT be stored on the local Agency workstations, the internal PC drives, any portable storage media or USB memory chips or devices.
    5. Agency employees or Agency representatives will not electronically copy, save or email any Court information accessed on authorized Agency workstations.
  6. All Justice Partner Website UserIDs and passwords are to be treated by Agency users/representatives as private and confidential.
  7. No Agency user/representative shall program their passwords into their program function keys or write and/or display their passwords on post-its or other physical medium that can be easily accessed.
  8. The Agency Employee agrees to promptly contact their Manager regarding any indication of known, suspected and/or questionable misuse or unauthorized disclosure of confidential or restricted information.
  9. The Agency Employee acknowledges that the Court reserves the right to change conditions and/or security requirements to keep pace with the development and enhancements of security, telecommunications and database technology.

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