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Payment of Fines & Fees

How to Pay Your Criminal Fines, Fees, and Assessments

In 2003, the Superior Court of Monterey County, in partnership with the Monterey County Revenue Division, established the Court – County Criminal Collection Program. The Revenue Division is responsible for collecting all criminal court fines, fees, and assessments imposed by the Monterey County Superior Court on criminal cases.

Once a Judicial Officer has imposed a fine, fee or assessment, the defendant is ordered to contact the Monterey County Revenue Division within 3 days to make payment arrangements. The case information and fine, fee and assessment information is then transferred electronically from the Court Case Management Computer System to the Monterey County Revenue Division Collection system.

The Monterey County Revenue Division

The Monterey County Revenue Division provides the following services on court-ordered fines, fees & assessment:

  • Explain the court-ordered collection process.
  • Schedule an interview and conduct a financial evaluation to establish an appropriate payment plan.
  • Assist you in modifying your payment plan.

The Monterey County Revenue Division is located within the Salinas Courthouse Complex:

Monterey County Government Center
Revenue Division, 1st Floor
168 W. Alisal Street
Salinas, CA 93901

Request for an Extension to Pay a Fine

If you are unable to pay your fine, fee or assessment, please contact the Revenue Division.

(831) 755-5042

Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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