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Small Claims

Small Claims Court

Small claims is a court within the Superior Court where disputes are resolved quickly and inexpensively. Attorneys are not permitted to represent either party in the dispute (except on appeal). Small claims cases are for damages of $12,500 or less. Small claims is affordable and fast, with simple and informal rules.

For more information about small claims, visit these websites:

Court Location and Hearing Times

All Small Claims documents are filed at the Monterey Courthouse at 1200 Aguajito Rd Monterey CA 93940. All Hearings are heard at the Marina courthouse at 3180 Del Monte Blvd Marina Ca 93933. We encourage the use of the Efile CA online filings system. 

Small Claims Court Trials are held on Thursdays at 8:30 AM and 1:30 PM in Department 20 located at the Marina Courthouse, 3180 Del Monte Boulevard, Marina, CA 93933. The party filing the claim may request that the Processing Clerk set the Court Trial on the morning calendar or the afternoon calendar.

Parties should arrive at the courthouse at least 15 minutes prior to the time set for the Court Trial.

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