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Traffic Online Services

Online Services

The Following Online Services Are Available The following Transactions Cannot Be Processed Online
  1. Pay your bail/fine in full;
  2. Pay bail/fine/fee and request traffic school;
  3. Request for Monthly Payment Installments;
  4. Post bail for Trial By Declaration
  5. Request a Court Trial;
  6. Request a one-time 60 day extension.
  1. Matters referred to a collection agency;
  2. Owner responsibility citations;
  3. Cases with court dates set;
  4. Juvenile matters.

You may be required to contact the Court for certain bail options as indicated on your courtesy notice. Once you have this information, you may access and pay online.

There will be small convenience fee (currently $6.80 and is subject to change) charged by EDS*Pay in addition to your bail/fine which will appear as a separate item on your credit card statement. The Court accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

To speak to a clerk at the Monterey County Superior Court during normal business hours please see contact information below.

Traffic questions not processed through the automated system 831-883-5300
Questions related to credit card transactions made through the automated system 831-883-5312

Proceed to Automated System

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