Court Media Information

Requests to Photograph, Record or Broadcast in Court

To request permission to photograph, record or broadcast a Court proceeding, please follow the instructions outlined and forms available below.

Please follow the instructions provided above to complete your media request and order for coverage of a court hearing. All required forms should be submitted to the appropriate court location via email at least five (5) court days prior to the court hearing, as follows:

If your filing is accepted, your request and order will be forwarded to the appropriate judge for review. Once your request is reviewed and returned to the Clerk's Office, a conformed copy will be returned to you via email.

When considering a request to record, photograph, or broadcast a court proceeding, a judge must consider the factors provided in California Rules of Court, rule 1.150(e)(3), as follows:

  • The importance of maintaining public trust and confidence in the judicial system;
  • The importance of promoting public access to the judicial system;
  • The parties' support of or opposition to the request;
  • The nature of the case;
  • The privacy rights of all participants in the proceeding, including witnesses, jurors, and victims;
  • The effect on any minor who is a party, prospective witness, victim, or other participant in the proceeding;
  • The effect on the parties' ability to select a fair and unbiased jury;
  • The effect on any ongoing law enforcement activity in the case;
  • The effect on any unresolved identification issues;
  • The effect on any subsequent proceedings in the case;
  • The effect of coverage on the willingness of witnesses to cooperate, including the risk that coverage will engender threats to the health or safety of any witness;
  • The effect on excluded witnesses who would have access to the televised testimony of prior witnesses;
  • The scope of the coverage and whether partial coverage might unfairly influence or distract the jury;
  • The difficulty of jury selection if a mistrial is declared;
  • The security and dignity of the court;
  • Undue administrative or financial burden to the court or participants;
  • The interference with neighboring courtrooms;
  • The maintenance of the orderly conduct of the proceeding; and
  • Any other factor the judge deems relevant.

Automated Case Information

This site allows viewing of court calendars and name index-search of defendants for Criminal, Civil, Traffic and Small Claims cases.

Glossary of Legal Terms

A link to the Judicial Council's glossary of legal terms has been provided as your guide to legal terminology:

Court Media Contact

For general information or request for comment, please contact:

Norma Ramirez-Zapata
Public Information Liaison
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