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Extra Ordinary Criminal Cases

Extra Ordinary Criminal Cases - People vs Flores

People vs Flores

Paul Ruben Flores (22CR003712)Ruben Ricardo Flores (22CR003713)

This web page, together with periodic email updates to the Court's list of public and media contacts for the Flores case, will be the primary means by which the Court will communicate information about the case to the public and the media. To be added to the Court's contact list for updates, please email Norma Ramirez at and In your email please indicate whether you are a member of the public or a media representative. If you are a media representative, please indicate which media outlet you represent.

Access to Case Records

PLEASE NOTE: As of this time, the Court has NOT designated the Flores case an Extraordinary Criminal Case under California Rule of Court 2.503(e).

Many of the Flores case records are sealed. Public and media access to case records will be as follows:

  1. Both the media and the public may visit the Salinas Courthouse public viewing room to access case records that are open for public view. See California Rule of Court 2.503: California Rules of Court: Title Two Rules
  2. Out of town media outlets may contact Norma Ramirez at the above email addresses or by phone at (831) 775-5639 to inquire about the availability of specific records - including whether they are open to the public or sealed. That may save you a trip to Salinas in search of records that may be sealed.
  3. The Court will not be accommodating requests by the media or the public to download and email to them public/non-sealed case records.

Trial Decorum and Media Protocol

Please see the Court’s Trial Decorum and Media order, which will also be posted outside the door of Department 4: Click here to view order

Trial Schedule and Events

Please see this chart, which summarizes the anticipated available courtroom and overflow seating for the different phases of the trial. This chart will be periodically updated with any changes due to changes in the trial schedule: Flores Access and Seating Chart

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays the trial will be in session from 8:30 a.m., to 4:30 p.m. and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 a.m., to 4:30 p.m. To obtain the court's latest "dark days" click here for the specific dates.

Public and Media Access and Seating

Please see the Trial Decorum and Media Order for limitations and constraints on seating for the public and media. If you are interested in seating for one representative from your media outlet to be seated in the courtroom, please send an email to Norma Ramirez at and to Available seating in the courtroom will be assigned to the public and the media based on a first requested, first seated basis until available seating runs out. Overflow seating will be available in another area of the courthouse with a video and audio feed from the courtroom.

As indicated in the Trial Decorum and Media Order, the Court will be using a badge system to monitor seating for the public and the media during the trial.

Media Requests

You may find the Media Request and Order forms here:

Please note that per CRC 1.150(e), the MC-500 form must be filed at least five court days before the portion of the proceeding to be covered unless good cause is shown. A completed, proposed order on Order on Media Request to Permit Coverage (form MC-510) must be filed with the request: California Rules of Court: Title One Rules

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